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Ever wonder how some folx just seem to create goals and achieve them (what looks like) effortlessly? Ever wonder how some folx just continue to build and grow while you wish you knew what was going on behind the scenes? Here at Evolutionari' we take a systems approach to lifestyle design. We have invested thousands of hours of testing, piloting, and research into our work.

Our flagship product, The WEDGE Effect, is an interactive self-reflective book that is a great starter for anyone looking to put ideas of what they would like to accomplish into reality.

Why Evolutionari?

The WEDGE Effect

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Can the WEDGE Effect Really Change Your Life?

Wishes, Education, Drive, Growth, Excellence – The WEDGE Effect sets out clear and practical steps to take to build a rewarding life. Going far beyond the feel-good factor and my own story, I′ve set out a strategic approach to becoming your best self, the person you want to be and were born to be. Wanting to change your life is a start, but to really make that dream come true, it helps to have a plan from someone who has been there and done that.


Reader Thoughts !

  • The WEDGE Effect "After reading this book I found the author provides necessary background information, and offered specific solutions for young and old. She walks through and identified causes lack of movement in your life and shows you planned points of attack. I had to purchase one for my 15yr daughter and 27yr old son. “Street credibility” is valuable when dealing with the youth of today. My family defines “Greatness” as by providing a bridge for other to succeed. Every parent should purchase for their kids." - Renay
  • The WEDGE Effect "When I first began my undergraduate career at Smith College I was unaware of how drastically my life would change. I was unable to deal with all the moving pieces and found myself an overwhelmed first-year, ready to drop out. Attending Smith was an experience I did not enjoy until I accepted that life is ever-changing. Friends like Iris guided me through and shared in my journey. Many of the lessons taught and conversations had with Iris can be mirrored in reading “The WEDGE Effect”. The practical exercises within the text allow you to take a moment and evaluate your decisions and your life. All the while, encouraging you to adapt to life and embrace the change because only you can drive your motivation towards success." - Cynthia
  • geo "The WEDGE Effect was something I got to live and then read. It was an incredible experience because as I was reading the book I could see where I had implemented the steps in my own life. How each individual step was something you walked me through personally. To see that translated into text was incredible. Also, hearing your own personal narrative alongside the actual process was priceless. In technical terms I loved how you gave a step and then backed it up with not only scientific data but also your personal experience. It’s a great book, one that can be used by folks across walks of life?" - Geo
  • The WEDGE Effect "The WEDGE Effect has me thinking. Your words are inspiring and deep. I myself have been through trials and tribulations. You mention proving yourself and people wrong. I myself have done that and became content, but after reading your book, I have taken the initiative to take it a step further. Thank you for opening my eyes again and looking to progress. ?" - Johnny


EVOLUTIONARI' noun, often attributive : ([evolve = to develop slowly into a more advanced state in english] + [ri' = brave spirit in Taino]) a brave person who is known to tap into their inner warrior in order to become the best version of themselves possible.