Advantage To Taking a Risk
Posted on November 19th, 2015 by admin

“If you want to be the best, you have to do things that other people aren’t willing to do.”
– Michael Phelps

That sounds about right – Anyone who knows me well will confirm that I am always looking to see common threads and I like going in a different path

It usually makes my life more challenging but I ultimately think the more times I push myself outside of my comfort zone now, the more growth I’ll have – independence and holding my own are two things I value highly here and fundamentally nobody can take away…

What I want to accomplish:

  • Inspire others (even if it is ONE person) to know that change is possible – just need some fundamentals to get there
  • Motivate others to take control of their life and make conscious choices aligned with their vision

This concept applies to our goals, dreams, aspirations in all aspects of your life – health, family, love, career, success, happiness. It is really about having no shame in your game and just going after what you want in life. A lot of people don’t want to admit it but there is a lot of fear (internal + external) that prevent people from doing just that.

Think about all of the conversations that occur in your head that get in your way when you want to achieve a goal. That little voice that starts filling your head with doubt or starts ranting about everything that can go wrong. The little voice that grows bigger and bigger the more you let it take over and next thing you know, your goals have drowned somewhere.

Or what about the excuses we give ourselves to not accomplish a goal? The ones where we don’t have the time, resources, or action plan to make everything work. How about allocating time in the future (that never comes) to start achieving a goal?

How do some people accomplish their goals then? Do they have some magical super power that others lack that gives them the ability to achieve versus dream? Do they have extra hours in the day, resources or can someone just give you the answer now??

Ok, so maybe you don’t make excuses and maybe you beat that little voice in your head but something gets in your way of taking that risk. Sometimes our goal or risk sounds so big that it scares us.

Ask yourself these few questions:

– what is there to lose?
– what is there to win?
– what happens if I do nothing?
– is this something I will regret not doing?

Think about one thing you want to do for yourself and just go for it. Remember, the ultimate investment you can make is in yourself.

The CEO of my (former) company always says this to all staff: Fortune favors the bold.

I will end this one with a new favorite quote of mine that I am holding onto for as long as I can keep it in memory – courtesy of CEO’s office picture.

Things may come to those who wait, but only the things left by those who hustle.
Abraham Lincoln

UPDATE: I took a huge risk in July 2014 & moved to Miami from Massachusetts. I lived there all my life! I knew my career aspirations and knew I wanted to open up my life lens. I found myself an amazing career opportunity all the way in Miami & there I was –  at a crossroads. Do I take the leap and go for it or do I stay comfortable in my life in the Northeast? This was a new job, in a new environment that would push me 100% out of my comfort zone. What would I do? I said YES. I literally packed and moved down in about 3 weeks – talk about a fast timeline.

At first, everything gave me the impression that time was racing. So many things were coming my way – from getting acclimated at work to finding a place to live to the climate, people…everything.

However, I knew I made the right choice. All of the unease, lack of comfort, was just what I needed. These are the times that push you to grow. This is the time that is pushing me to grow.

I look back & in the past four months of being here, I have learned and (un)learned so much.

I don’t tell my story to pressure you into thinking that you need to make a huge risk. You don’t. What I encourage you to do is consider your goals, where you are & where you want to be. Can you start by taking just a small risk to bring yourself closer?

I’ve consulted and coached dozens of people up North on this & I can help you. Get in touch with me & you won’t regret it.


EVOLUTIONARI' noun, often attributive : ([evolve = to develop slowly into a more advanced state in english] + [ri' = brave spirit in Taino]) a brave person who is known to tap into their inner warrior in order to become the best version of themselves possible.