Healthy Steak Meal Prep
Posted on November 19th, 2015 by admin

Alright, folks! This lunch meal has been an awesome go-to when I am looking for something with loads of protein and healthy, vegetable carbs. I see tons of healthy recipes with turkey and chicken breast and rarely find one with steak because it does have a higher caloric value relative to size in comparison to the other two. I love steak though, so I figured it out!

What you need:
1. Buy a pack of steak – I go to a local butcher and buy a pack that comes with about 16 4oz. pieces

I take these steaks and lay them out on a flat sheet that’s covered with aluminum foil. I use garlic powder and a DASH of pink Himalayan sea salt on them. I place them into the oven at 350 degrees on bake mode for about 20 minutes (I like them well done but you can do it for less depending how you like your steak cooked).

2. Chop up 9 bell peppers and 6 onions

I take these and put them on a hot pan over the stove that I have on a medium heat. I also spray the pan with olive oil. I throw all of it in the pan and LIGHTLY dash whatever seasonings I’d like – I use Mrs. Dash and garlic powder. I let them cook down for about 20 minutes as well but just watch over them and stir until they look good to you!

From here, I take my tupperware and food scale to measure out my meals based on my macro needs. I will do 6oz of steak and 8oz of mixed veggies. It gives me lunch for an entire week and if I didn’t want to eat the same thing across the week (I don’t mind it so I use it all once I make it), I would put whatever I didn’t use in the freeze until I wanted it.

Boom! There you go – an awesome steak and veggie lunch ready to go when you are flying around! Let me know what you think and if you modify it, what did you do? Try it out and you will love it!


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