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Healthy Steak Omelette Recipe!

I love steak + eggs and wanted to combine it into an awesome breakfast to supercharge my morning! Here is a quick recipe: 1/2 cup eggbeaters 4 ounces thin cut steak (already cooked from meal prep) two handfuls of...

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Healthy Hearty Turkey Chili

Who doesn’t love some hearty chili?! What’s even better is that this protein packed powerhouse is full of flavor and nutrients and skips the traditional calories and fat that comes along with it. The secret? Use...

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Delicious Turkey Muffins!

Alright, so I am going to try to make cuter pictures from now on… Now that I got that off my chest, to this super tasty, low-carb, protein packed snack! What you need: 16 oz pack of ground...

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Steak & Veggie Sample Meals

Some people have been asking about meal prep and how I mentioned that I batch cook food and just mix the ingredients together to give myself perceived variety. The snapshot above is an early example...

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Simple Roasted Asparagus!

I eat lots of asparagus in my meals and it is actually really, really, simple! You can cut off the ends if you want (in my shot, I kept them. My food stretches longer this way)....

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Simple Brussel Sprout Recipe!

Quick, simple, right to the point and delicious. What you need: Brussel sprouts – I just buy a package at a local grocery store Olive oil spray Garlic powder Pink Himalayan Sea Salt Split your brussel sprouts into two – cutting...

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Baked Chicken & Roasted Veggies!

Such a go-to meal for me that is ultra filling and nutritious! For the chicken: Take your chicken breast and place it in the oven for 45 minutes on 365. Wrap the top of it in aluminum...

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For The Morning Rush – Healthy Breakfast In A Jar!

Disclaimer: This is my attempt at taking a nicer picture than my other meal ones! Hope it works! This is an awesome and easy meal prep I did. It took under 10 minutes to prep 10...

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Green Eggs and Ham!

So for my very first post, I’m going to give you a healthy and filling breakfast recipe (first of many)! Here’s what you’ll need in order to replicate what’s in the picture: 3 slices of Canadian...

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Fruit and Yogurt Parfait!

Want something to take on the go for breakfast, a light lunch, or even a snack?? Well I’ve got the answer for you! All you need is some non-fat greek yogurt, agave syrup or honey, and...

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Quick Ways To Use Bell Peppers!

Look at those deliciously colorful peppers…yum! Now that I have them, what shall I do? Well, first step is clean and chop. Why? Well, pretty much any way I use them will need them cleaned and chopped so...

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Warrior Birthday Cake Remix!

Get ready…I kid you not – this birthday cake will taste better (yea, you read that correctly) than the normal birthday cake. Story time! We started this cute thing at work – in my team, each of...

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