For The Morning Rush – Healthy Breakfast In A Jar!
Posted on November 19th, 2015 by admin

Disclaimer: This is my attempt at taking a nicer picture than my other meal ones! Hope it works!

This is an awesome and easy meal prep I did. It took under 10 minutes to prep 10 days worth of breakfast for me! That sounds worth it to me.

Extra bonus: I can throw this in my bag and bring it wherever – work, gym, etc. All I need to do is add water when I want to eat!

Dedicated to my busy bodies who have a hard time making time for breakfast. Literally breakfast in a jar. How do you say no? ;)

What you need:
Your oats – I use oat bran :) packed with protein, low on the glycemic index and it’s my preference.
PB2 – powdered peanut butter – packed with protein, and at 45 calories for 12g (that’s the equivalent of 2tbsp of peanut butter in ‘normal’ form that has 190 calories) it has been KEY with me making healthy meals!

Anything else is BONUS – that is the foundation. In my picture above I used a variety of my spreads and in a few I crushed up some cashews, too.

Hope you try it – Enjoy! Let me know what you think – what do you put in your breakfasts on-the-go?


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