Fruit and Yogurt Parfait!
Posted on November 19th, 2015 by admin

Want something to take on the go for breakfast, a light lunch, or even a snack?? Well I’ve got the answer for you!

All you need is some non-fat greek yogurt, agave syrup or honey, and any fruit you enjoy! It’s really that simple!

The only thing you need to do before assembling is mix the agave syrup or honey with the yogurt and then you’re ready to layer it up.

How much syrup/honey you mix into the yogurt is totally up to you because it depends on how sweet you like it. Some days, I like it more tart but when my sweet tooth is kicking, I add a tiny bit more to satisfy my craving.

When you put it all together, feel free to do it whichever way you like — you can mix the fruit with the yogurt or you can keep it separated in actual layers (like in the picture).

To add some texture, I love to add almonds and dried cranberries/cherries/raisins and mix that in. You can prepare it the night before but it’s so simple and easy to make that you can make it right before you’re ready to eat it!

Also, yogurt is great after a workout because it has a lot of protein, which have amino acids that are great for building muscles!

So no matter what you’re doing or where you’re going, check out this nutritious and delicious fruit and yogurt parfait!


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