Green Eggs and Ham!
Posted on November 19th, 2015 by admin

So for my very first post, I’m going to give you a healthy and filling breakfast recipe (first of many)! Here’s what you’ll need in order to replicate what’s in the picture:

3 slices of Canadian Bacon
3 egg whites (2 eggs whites and one full egg works, along with egg substitutes)
1 Bagel Slim

Simple right?! Exactly! Nothing better than a quick and easy breakfast recipe that’s super healthy at the same time.

For the eggs, I usually chop some onions, peppers, tomatoes and sometimes even add spinach, kale, or mushrooms, depending on the ingredients I have. Basically, feel free to substitute anything I used and add the veggies you like.

The Canadian bacon is delicious, filled with protein, AND low calorie (~20 cals per slice) but if you’re not a fan, use turkey bacon!

The bagel slim satisfies your bagel craving with less than half the calories. So not only is this a low calorie breakfast that will fill you up, but it’s also easy to make and delicious!


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