Meal Prep Matters!
Posted on November 19th, 2015 by admin

We are all busy – jobs, family, friends, activities, etc. I hear you. We want to find out how to keep up with our fast-paced lives and still pursue a healthy life.

Enter, meal prep.

This has been a fundamental key that I cannot stress enough during this journey.

Think about it – you are running around all day and you suddenly get hungry. You go for the most convenient food at the time or slip to making a less-than-stellar choice because your hunger is really high and time to decide is really low. Imagine cutting out that decision making because you have already planned it out – your meal is ready and waiting for you because you took care of this decision some time in the past when you were not hungry & had time to process.

I take one day a week (Sunday), go grocery shopping with meals already set in my head. I buy the ingredients and spend a few hours cooking in huge batches and then portioning them out in tupperware and use my food scale. If you feel like you must switch up your meals everyday or something, then make smaller batches and come up with more meal options. I usually mix and match veggies and meats that I make in bulk to trick myself into thinking I am adding lots of variety when in reality, I’m not. I am OK with eating the same foods throughout a week – my food is fuel right now to help turbocharge my days.

This helps prevent me from making impulsive choices or selecting foods in the moment. I see meal prep as helping myself in the future and it is one of the most important habits that I have adopted!


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