Quick Ways To Use Bell Peppers!
Posted on November 19th, 2015 by admin

Look at those deliciously colorful peppers…yum!

Now that I have them, what shall I do?

Well, first step is clean and chop.

Why? Well, pretty much any way I use them will need them cleaned and chopped so in order to not worry about it later, I take care of t right away.

Next I put all the colors in a Tupperware container and I have done more than half the work to getting these into my body.

Quick ideas for your peppers which are now a staple and regular item in my fridge:

1. Grill them and you have a sweet, veggie side.
2. Grill and mix them with a meat and you have a meal-to-go.
3. If you are making a breakfast quiche, omelets or anything with egg, throw them in.
4. If you have other veggies grilling for a side or main course, throw them in.
5. If you have a salad, throw them in.
6. If you are making my turkey chili, throw them in!

Get it? Prep them in Twp minutes to have plenty of QUICK options later…

Away from the, “I have to chop the pepper and figure out what to do with the rest…nevermind, I’ll save it for another time” (that won’t come, it’ll rot and you want want to “waste” money on it again).

All about making life for my “future self” easier!

What do you use your peppers for? Would love to know some recipes! YUM!


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