Stop Time Traveling – Be in the Present
Posted on November 19th, 2015 by admin

Be in the present.

We often time travel to one of two spaces – the past & future.

Think about it.

When you live through your day are you focusing on things you need to do, plans you have to stick to?
Are you thinking about a past relationship, job experience or life situation that continues to hover over you?

Where are you?

Are you living in spaces that you cannot control? The past already happened and we cannot go back to do anything about it. The future has not yet happened. Your future, however, is impacted with how you deal with your present moments.

Are you taking time to be present and just live?
You need to replenish your physical system that is always giving to other people.

In order to give the best version of yourself to those you love & the world around you, you need to invest in yourself first.

Why is it important to be in the present?

You focus on the moment

It is just you and the present moment. Close your eyes, breathe and take it in. How often do you find yourself doing this in today’s world? We are on-the-run, multi-tasking, expending our efforts and attention on multiple things at once and allowing distractions to flood us every moment. Everything is competing for our attention and everything is valid – what do we do?

We sometimes feel like we are able to get a lot done this way but if we just stick to the moment, we can make much more quality traction.

It helps to clear our thinking and silence the feeling of being overwhelmed with many things to do. Being in the moment allows you to stay clear and focused.

It is in our Nature

We have no power in the past or future. [If you do, please get in touch with me – I need to know your secret!]

All of our power resides in the present – we all need to be right here, right now. Just breathe & take it one step at a time.

Things to Consider

There is a time for planning

Yes, we plan. There is a time & a place for it – planning is not an around-the-clock thing. There needs to be time to execute, reflect and live.

Tune in to when you need to be Present – Feel it.

Dial into yourself. Zone into your space and environment. Feel your life pulsing inside and giving energy off into the world. Take it in.

What about the little voice in your head?

The little voice chimes in randomly throughout the day. It’s okay. Decide to acknowledge the little voice if it is something that resonates positively with you and if it doesn’t, just let it pass. No focus, attention, emotion – just let it pass.

The more practice you have actively engaging in this process, the easier and more natural it will come to you.

It is easy to stay in the past or future for extended periods of time and lose sight of the present. Try your best to stay here, in the present moment. Take it in and relish in every one you have.


EVOLUTIONARI' noun, often attributive : ([evolve = to develop slowly into a more advanced state in english] + [ri' = brave spirit in Taino]) a brave person who is known to tap into their inner warrior in order to become the best version of themselves possible.