Warrior Birthday Cake Remix!
Posted on November 19th, 2015 by admin

Get ready…I kid you not – this birthday cake will taste better (yea, you read that correctly) than the normal birthday cake.

Story time!

We started this cute thing at work – in my team, each of us signs up for a team member and we are in charge of their birthday. So, my birthday team member came up and I decided to make something.


I didn’t have oodles of time to figure out how to make a cake from scratch and didn’t have the energy for all of that. So, I decided to modify a birthday cake box. What I got was purely delicious. I can say that confidently because all of my coworkers that tried it said it tasted delicious (wanting seconds, thirds and scraping the bottom of the pan tells me it was not fake ;) ). I told them that it was modified in the following way and they were impressed.

What you need:
Your birthday cake mix – I used the confetti box

Read the back of the box. It called for 1/3 cup of vegetable oil and when a coworker later Google’d the calories on that, it was 560 calories. It also called for 3 eggs and at 70 calories a piece, that was 210 calories.

That would be 770 calories in your original birthday cake mix on top of the mix and all that.

I swapped out the eggs for egg beaters 1:1 and cut down the calories from 210 to 75.
I swapped out the 1/3 cup vegetable oil for 3 tbsp applesauce and cut down calories from 560 to 41 calories.

That reduced the extra birthday cake calories from 770 to 116. That is an 85% reduction in calories…

HOW DO YOU SAY NO TO THAT? It tastes the same (if not better) and it’s just a modified version of what you already love.

This is exactly the sort of thing I am talking about when I say lifestyle change. Just figure out where you are today and what you want to change and make the moves to do better. One step at a time.

I added the water and mix as it called for and baked normally. Nothing special. I used the light whipped chocolate frosting (the “healthiest version” I saw for what I needed to accomplish – did you want me to say I used some nasty zero calorie replacement that you will never want to have? No? Ok, glad we are on the same page) and put some sprinkles on to make it official!


EVOLUTIONARI' noun, often attributive : ([evolve = to develop slowly into a more advanced state in english] + [ri' = brave spirit in Taino]) a brave person who is known to tap into their inner warrior in order to become the best version of themselves possible.